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Use dpack.

All of these packs point to Arbitrum deployment information.

They are IPFS CIDs (e.g. ipfs://bafkreieglufuj5bnde3id5yizytsncsskfuyizmvf2bhf5fa6skt74rf6m.ipfs.dweb.link/). If your browser supports IPFS, you can access them from there.


Core pack (updated 3-22-2024)

ricobank: bafkreieglufuj5bnde3id5yizytsncsskfuyizmvf2bhf5fa6skt74rf6m


Accessory packs

chainlink aggregators: bafkreibjf2rhqgqhxexotzf3fhgbbwn6m7zes4uldszx5qsy6ovyzp5rry

uniswapv3 contracts: bafkreialni6kkfqiqouimprjqm4opy442373pugwhv4gf3hxztaw7vfccy (nfpm, swaprouter, universalrouter, factory)

gemfab: bafkreibhkoqc5nda6dlubyvsylethk5nxqynjltnsxnlmpc7inpcmiveom



RCS0 currently uses two core feeds, plus one feed per token type.

See feedbase for price feed utilities, including adapters (e.g. UniswapV3 adapter) and combinators (e.g. divider).

See the chainlink aggregator pack above for applicable Chainlink aggregators, including their addresses.

Core feeds

The core feeds are:

core feeds

Per-gem feeds

The per-gem accessory feeds are (for everything except rETH and wstETH):

Or, if Chainlink does not offer an acceptable feed for tokenName:USD (rETH and wstETH):

Where aggname is the name of the denominator token in the Chainlink price feed, usually the same as tokenName, except in the following cases:

Feed outputs are scaled to account for token decimals in the following cases:

ERC20 ilks have one gem per ilk, so they have one feed per ilk. The UniswapV3 ilk has multiple feeds as it needs to price NFTs containing any of the 9 gems accepted as collateral. It it uses the same feeds as those gems’ respective ERC20 ilks.

Feed Diagrams:

weth reth wsteth dai link arb usdc usdc.e wbtc


RCS0 is managed by a 2-of-3 multisig at arb1:0x85808ff766a80aB61Aafe354e7edDacc94230046.

Multisig Actions

4-10-2024 (rejected)

Controller Parameters

Rico uses a log-scale tick controller. Depending on mar - par, it multiplies or divides way by how per second, compounding over time.

Starting controller parameters:

how = 1.0000000000000036525

cap = 1.00000002197

This means the controller ticks way up or down by about 1%/year day (how ^ 86400), until it reaches either 100%/year or -50%/year (cap ^ 31557600). When ticking in the same direction consistently, way can reach cap or 1/cap starting from 1 in about 1.3 months.